Replacement is better than a Spoilt Holiday Caused by a Broken Gear Cable


Several time during the summer of 2023 we had calls from cyclists with problems caused by snapped gear cables.

Often the cyclists were shocked this had occurred, one even saying his bike had been serviced before his holidays.

The problem seems to arise with Shimano shifter levers, where the cable goes around a sharp curve and with regular shifting of gears the cable starts to fray and then eventually snaps. Then the problems get worse as the frayed ends make it difficult to remove. So what might have been a quick replacement becomes more complex.

With bikes with internally routed cables this can become a longer and more complex operation.  Fortunately in all cases this year we were able to get the cyclists back on the road and save the cyclists’ holidays.

For examples of how grateful people have been please see our Google Reviews.

We do recommend, that if you are planning a cycle touring holiday you get your bike serviced before you travel and ask the mechanic to replace the gear cables and in particular the right hand shifter cable, which has a greater level of wear due to the higher level of shifting, which takes place.

In the Grassington Skipton and Ilkley area do book your bike in to the Grassington bike shop and we can check it over and replace the gear cables.  Tel 01756 664231