Correctly, inflated tyres makes a real difference to how easy it is to peddle along.

What many people don’t realise is that most bike tyres will soon lose their optimum riding pressure as the air leaks out through the semi porous tyres. So at least every week or before a long ride, it is a good idea to check your tyres pressures.   The correct range of pressures for the tyres is usually marked on the side of the tyre.

Too high a pressure the ride will be uncomfortable hard and there is even a danger of a blowout. Too low a pressure and the effort required to peddle a long will be significantly increased and there is a danger the wheel rim wheel will be damaged by a bump in the road or track.

The small hand pumps which you can carry with you on a ride are really only good enough to get you home. For regular inflation it’s a good idea to purchase a stirrup with a pressure gauge and a twin head to fit different types of bike valves.

For example the Airtrack Workshop Floor pump and Gauge.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern on the tyre will make a real difference to your control. As ever, there is a compromise. For off road cycling knobbly tyres with a large tread pattern are required. However, this increasing rolling resistance on the road or a flat smooth surface compared to a smoother tyres. However, a tyre with no tread pattern won’t displace water on a flat surface compared to one with a patterned tread.

Therefore the type of tyre you chose will depend on the type of cycling you want to do.  However with many mountain bikes hybrid bikes seldom leaving the road it’s often the case that their riders would be better off changing their tyres for a smoother tyre with lower rolling resistance.


Besides the gradual loss of air through the porous tyre, one of things that cyclists fear is a puncture, which means that carry either a puncture repair kit or a spare inner tube.  There are two solutions to this one involves either adding special fluids in to the tyres which seals any holes when they occur. The other solution is to have a solid tyre made from polymer, which cushions the ride in the same way as the base of a running shoe.   One make is Tannus and their tyres comes in a variety of colours.  We have been riding on these for a little while do give them a thorough test.

The good news is that we have not noticed any loss of grip and although the ride is firm is similar to a well-inflated pneumatic tyre.

We are therefore very pleased to supply and fit these. Please use the Contact Us form. Before ordering, the tyres from the distributor we will require the size of the tyre and the width between the bead on the wheel rim and of course your choice of colour.  Click Here for the range of colours available. Note not all colours are available across the range of sizes.