Pre Loved & Renewed Bikes

Occasionally we are given pre loved bikes or are selling these on behalf of their owners. It’s part of the company values to be sustainable and provided we can make a profit from selling a pre-used bike will we offer them form sale.

Our aim is to service the renewed bikes we sell so they running as well as possible.

In ancient Greek there were two words for new; one means new as freshly made the other other means renewed I.e. the form of the old but made new again. This is what we are trying to achieve with our renewed bikes.

Sometimes its possible to to work on a bike so its running better than when it was first delivered. We achieve this by skilfully adjusting the wheel and hub bearings so they freely rotate without play. Unfortunately, many bikes are put together by unskilled labour and the bearings aren’t adjusted correctly, when they are first delivered.

On some occasions we will also upgrade components which also helps to give an older bike a new life.

Do check our list of pre loved and renewed bikes on the website and the list of bikes awaiting the laying of hands by our skilled mechanics.