The Yorkshire Bike Company is based at its Grassington Bike Shop nr Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales and offers e bike and cycle sales as well as bike maintenance and accessories. The company has a vision to make cycling easier and as fun as possible.

The Grassington Bike Shop

51a Main Street Grassington,  Skipton, BD23 5AA    (01756) 664231

Friday & Saturday 10:00 -12:00 and 14:00 -17:00

The e bike Smile

If you have never been on an e bike come and try one for free.  You will rediscover the fun and joy that you experienced cycling as a child. Even people, who are cynical about e bikes end up with what I call the e bike smile. I know from customers how owning an e bike has revolutionized their lives, has helped them get fit and stay active and explore new places. All in all riding an e bike is a simply a lot of fun.

Making Your Bike Easier to Ride

As a Cytech qualified mechanic I know how to make bikes work really well and therefore easier to ride. Being Cytech trained means that I can quickly solve many of the problems you may have been having with your gears or brakes, even from when your bike was new.   Do give me a call or send an email, if you would like me to take a look at your bike and advise or to carry out any work necessary.

Accessories to help you enjoy cycling.

Our aim is to source accessories that you may not find in other bike shops that will help you enjoy your cycling experience.  One example are Tannus puncture proof tyres. With Tannus tyres fitted, you need never worry about a puncture from a thorn or piece of broken glass again.

A New Bike

There are now many different models of bikes available. Our aim is to supply a range of quality bikes at different prices points.  The starting point in deciding which bike is right for you, is to identify the type of cycling you wish to do. Once this is established, we can suggest appropriate models from which you can select you preferred bike.

Currently we have a stock of high quality Forme Kinder children’s Bike and are also  supply a variety of brands of high quality European manufactured e bikes with Bosch drive systems including Gepida, Victoria and Kayza as well as e bikes from British brands such as Dawes, Claud Butler and Falcon.

Help the Yorkshire Bike Company Help You

We look forward to helping you and your family and friends enjoy your cycling. If there are particular bikes or accessories you would like me to stock. Please get in touch as your feedback will help me serve you better and create a successful and sustainable business.

Andy Ryland

Yorkshire Bike Company Ltd

51a Main Street

Grassington,  Skipton, BD23 5AA

(01756) 664231