A correctly adjusted and maintained bike is simply easier, more fun and safer to ride.

We often hear about bikes that end up at a back of a garage with a simple problem like a flat tyre or poorly adjusted gears. We want to get these bikes cycling again by fixing these simple problems or preventing them happening in the first place.

There are several reasons bikes develop these problems

  • Some bike shops only give their mechanics ten minutes to assemble a bike from the box. This simply isn’t enough time so even a new bike may not work correctly from day one.
  • Many bikes are tinkered with or are knocked or damaged in someway so they don’t work as they should. If your bikes clunks, clicks or wines as you pedal something requires adjustment
  • Sometime bikes go years without a service, cables corrode or stick so your gears and brakes don’t work as they should and your chain gets worn or rusty which can damage other components
  • Regrettably tyres get punctures or the owners don’t have a suitable pump to re inflate to the correct pressure so this makes the bike harder to ride.

All these issues can all be easily fixed quickly and easily making your bike easier and safer to ride.

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