E Bikes

E Bikes stands for electric bikes. These are bikes with an electric motor powered by a battery, which helps you peddle. “It is like being given a little push to help you along!”. 

Although e bikes can power you along without peddling this is only up 6km an hours.  Where the real benefit comes in is when you peddle with the motor assisting you. Its like you have stronger legs or are 20 years younger again. Don’t worry the bike wont run away with you as the legislation requires that the motor cuts out when the bike reaches at 25km an hour and is limited to 250 watts of assistance.

The good news is you don’t need a licence to ride an e bike and you don’t need to wear a helmet and you can ride an e bike on bridleways and cycle-ways however, you must be 14 years old.

E bikes make cycling a lot easier, especially when ascending hills or carrying lots of shopping home and are clearly going to be popular with people who feel they aren’t’ fit enough to cycle or want to keep up with a fitter partner so they can ride together.

Currently in the UK sales are still relatively low but in Belgium sales now amount to about 50% of all new bikes being sold.

We are therefore predicting that that sales of e bikes are going to grow as more people discover the joy and fun of cycling with a little extra help.

At the Eurobike show in Germany and the Birmingham bike show we spent a good deal of time looking at the different makes of e bikes available and test riding different models.

What we were pleased to discover is that the technology has come a long  since it was first introduced in the late 1990, when the bikes were first introduced. Modern e bikes are really easy to ride and quit simply are a lot of fun to ride and with modern battery technology have a a sufficiently range for a good day out.

There are e bikes suitable for city commuting and shopping as well as e mountain bikes, hybrids, plus bikes and even folding e bikes and e tricycles.

Whilst the cheaper e bikes have the motor in the hub of front wheel the conscientious is that its better to have the motor in the rear hub or crank by the peddles.

We can supply a range of high quality Bosch powered European manufactured e bikes from the following Brands

  • Gepida
  • Victoria
  • Kayza

As well a British brands including Dawes Claud Butler and Falcon.

Ideally we would like to provide you with a free demonstration ride of an e bike in the Yorkshire Dales. Please contact us via the Contact Us form.

For a video on what its like to ride an e mountain bike click HERE

For a video on what is like to ride a Gpeida touring e bike from  click here.

For a video on what its like to ride a Gepida town and country e bike click HERE