Choosing the bikes that is right for you

Many people are sold bikes which are too heavy for the type of cycling they plan to do.

For example they will purchase a mountain bike with suspension which will never be used on the bumpy tracks it’s designed for so they are forever carrying round extra weight making cycling difficult and also paying for the suspension which they don’t need,

Often you would be better off choosing a lightweight bike with mud and chain guards which can be ridden in normal clothing for a visit to the shops, school gate or to cycle to work or to get fit on a local cycle path.

We want you to find cycling easy fun and enjoyable so will help you choose a bike that right for you or the person you are purchasing it for. Drop us an email and tell us about yourself and and what sort of cycling you want to do and your height and inside leg measurement which is required to get the right size. We will make a recommendation based on this information and our knowledge of the bikes available.

The bike we recommend may not even be listed on our website but we want to supply you with the right bike and will if necessary order it especially for you.

If after checking the selection on our web site you find a bike you want to purchase then give us a call or drop us an email. We will check its availability in our stock room or order it in from the manufactures and have it available for your to test ride in just a few days.

Once you have paid a deposit for the bike we will carry out a full pre delivery inspection and adjust all the breaks and gears so they are working at their optimum and the bike is adjusted to fit you and your preferred cycling position.