Your bike chain is one of the most crucial components on your bike and it’s really important to keep it both clean and sufficiency lubricated.  In our experience we can notice the difference a clean and lubricated chain makes to how easy a bike is to peddle.

Regrettable many people fail to lubricate their bikes chain and even allow it to become rusty.  The result is that it will wear more quickly and potential damage more expensive components like the chain rings.

Cleaning your Bike Chain

One chain cleaning products that is easy to use is the Fenwicks Drive Train Cleaning Kit. This make short work of grimy chains, chain-rings and cassettes. The cleaning product doesn’t’ include any acids or solvents contained in some other chain clearing products.

Fenwicks Drive Train Cleaning Kit

Fenwicks Drive Train Cleaning Kit makes short work of cleaning your chain, chain-rings and cassette.  To see how to use the kit is to use watch the Fenwicks video Here

Lubricating your Chain

Its really is important that you keep you bike chain properly lubricated. Some people seem to think that they can use products such as WD40  or even motor oil to oil their bike chain. Sadly WD40 isn’t suitable for a bike chain and it will soon become dry and motor oil will attract dust and dirt and will mean the chain is soon worn out out as the grime grinds away at the chain and other components.

We recommend that you use a quality bike chain lubricant such as Fenwicks Professional Chain Lube and  lubricate your chain as soon as its looking dry or after a long or wet ride.   For a video on lubricating your chain see HERE


Checking your chain for Wear

For many people its surprising to learn that a bike chain gets worn and needs replacing. As noted above it it will wear more quickly if dirty, dry or rusts and simply regular cycling add up the miles so that even a well maintained chain will need replacing about every 1000 miles.  If a chain is worn it won’t move through the gears easily and may jump or slip making cycling less enjoyable. What is more concerning is a worn chain will damage other components such as the chain-rings or cassette/freehub which are expensive to replace.

There are various ways to check the wear on your chain but one of the the simplest and most accurate is by using a chain wear indicator.

Alternative take it to a bike mechanic who will be able to advise you if your chain needs replacing.  If you are in the Harrogate area use the CONTACT US from to request a free chain wear assessment.