Bearings + Lubrication

There are a number of different bearings on a bike three of the most important are:

  • Wheel hub bearings
  • Crank bearings (Known as bottom bracket)
  • Headset bearings

It is essential that all of these can freely rotate, without being slack so they wobble, know as play.

If the wheel and crank bearings don’t freely rotate this will make peddling the bike harder as all of the riders weight or the power to move the bicycle forward is passed through the bearings.


Regrettable on many bikes the manufactures only provide a minimal amount of grease in the bearings. It would appear some must use unskilled labour or mechanises to set the bearings as they are often poorly set even from when a bike is new.

A skilled Cytech mechanic can re-set and re-grease the bearings  on your bikes so they rotate freely without any play which makes it easier to ride.  In fact following serving the bearings on a bike it may even be easier to peddle than on the day you originally bought it.

If your handle bars are wobbling or don’t turn freely poorly set bearings is also likely to be the cause and this can be easily adjusted by a Cytech mechanic.

So if you want you bike to be easier ride do Contact Us and enquire about having it serviced.