Prevention is Better than a Disaster on Holiday – With a Collapsed Wheel Rim

As a bike shop in a popular cycle touring area, often get tourist cyclists coming in for emergency repairs; snapped cables, punctures and even collapsed wheel rims. This is a picture of collapsed wheel rim from a bike that came in during the summer.

Fortunately we had a spare wheel in stock so were able to help the cyclist on their way and save his holiday.

The collapsed rim was entirely preventable and was caused by the cyclist neglecting to check the wear on the bike rims caused by the rim brakes. The metal had worn so thin that when the day came the bike was loaded and the brakes applied the rim started to come apart. Fortunately the wheel didn’t entirely collapse and the cyclist wasn’t injured.

If you are planning a cycle touring holiday, do make sure your get your bike professionally serviced by your local bike shop. In the Grassington, Skipton and Ilkley area do book it in to the Grassington bike shop and we can check it over.  Tel 01756 664231