Crank with stripped pedal threads

Rescue of Crank with Stripped Pedal Thread

One of things that is a heart sinker for a cyclist is to have their pedal drop off due to a stripped thread. This can be caused by over tightening or cross threading or even trying to put a pedal on the wrong crank. What ever has caused this is a heart sinker for a cyclist who may fear they will have to go to the expense of fitting a whole new crank set.
The good news for this cyclist, is that he brought his bike to the Yorkshire Bike Company’s bike shop in Grassington near Skipton. Here our skilled mechanics weere able to cut out the old thread and insert a new thread, fix it in place with Loctite and leave it to harden before re fixing the cranks and the pedals.

As you can imagine our customer was delighted to have his bike back with a renewed crank.

If you have a problem with your bike, we will make every effort to get it and you on the road again. On occasions we have been able to fix bikes that other shops have said wasn’t possible.