Problems with your Gears on your bike or e-bike

One of the problems people often complain about is that they are having problems changing gear on their bike. Comments such as “the chain comes off the gear thing at the back” or “the chain is getting jammed in the spokes”.

One of the likely reasons for this is a bent derailleur hanger. See picture below. This is the piece of metal the derealeiur or rear mech hangs from. Its made of a softer metal than the bike frame so that if you knock the derailleur or drop the bike on it it will bend the hanger rather than the frame of the bike, which can mean the end of the frame and the bike. The good news in the Grassington Bike shop we have specialist tools to tell if the hanger is bent and although there are literally 100 of different designs we have always been able to obtain a replacement for our customers. So if you are having problems with the gear on your bike drop in to the Grassington Bike Shop one Friday or Saturday and we can check things out for you and order an new hanger if necessary.