With spring just around the corner, are you thinking about getting out on your bike?

Harrogate now has an excellent traffic free cycle path to Ripley, which provides a brilliant way to enjoy cycling without the worry of passing traffic.


However, before you venture out you will want to make sure your bike is safe and easy to ride.

Bikes develop faults over time that can make cycling less enjoyable. The good news is that these faults are usually easily fixed by a cycle mechanic and fixing them, will make cycling easier and more fun for example:

  • Do the brakes squeal?
  • Do the gears jump?
  • Does the chain come off?
  • Are some parts rusty or dirty?
  • Do you have a puncture?
  • Do the wheels run straight?

In addition, a cycle mechanic can usually make a bike easier to ride by resetting and greasing the wheel hubs and crank bearings or adjusting the seat height.

If you are worried about getting a puncture, I can replace your tyres with special modern puncture proof tyres which never need pumping up and are available in lots of lovely colours.

If you are interested in a new bike or even an e-bike, I have accounts with several suppliers and can order a bike or e-bike especially for you or safely assemble a bike you have purchased on line.




E-bikes are just like a normal bike, except they have an electric motor to help you pedal.   E-bikes are great fun to ride and help you keep up with your family and friends.

If any of the above is or interest to you please give the Yorkshire Bike Company a call and I will be happy to advise.

01423 593188 or use the Contact Us form which can be found HERE